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Galaxy S23: Samsung will fix the bug in the fingerprint reader in the One UI 6.1 update

Galaxy S23: Samsung will fix the bug in the fingerprint reader in the One UI 6.1 update

Updated (04/07/2024) – Mr

In a post on its community forums, Samsung said it was aware of the presence of a fingerprint reader in the Galaxy S23 line equipped with One UI 6.1. According to the official statement, the problem will be resolved with the update soon.

Although no forecast was given, it is possible that the fix will be included in the April 2024 security package for the Galaxy S23 line. To date, the update has not begun to be distributed in any country.

03/04/2024 – original text

According to reports from several users on social media and Samsung forums, the update to One UI 6.1 brought a glitch in the fingerprint reader to members of the Galaxy S23 line.

Initial reports stated that the smartphone heats up much more than before, while others say that fast charging has become limited.

However, the most annoying bug is that the fingerprint reader no longer works normally, as touching the power button makes the sensor light up on the screen, but Touching it does not unlock the smartphone.

Reports also say that for authentication to occur normally, the user needs to touch the sensor a second time. in some cases, The smartphone doesn't even display the fingerprint reading animation.

At the moment, Samsung has not yet commented on the matter in its official forums, but this glitch is rather annoying on a daily basis.

This is because the average user needs to unlock their smartphone multiple times, and this issue ends up “ruining” the experience.

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In any case, the Korean company will likely release a fix for the bug in subsequent updates.

Is your Galaxy S23 experiencing this error? Did you notice any other issues after One UI 6.1? Tell us your experience here in the comments area.

(Updated on 7 April 2024 at 19:38)