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Fallout 4 receives update on PS5 with graphics options;  Patch notes

Fallout 4 receives update on PS5 with graphics options; Patch notes

The text below was published on Official website.

A new update is now available for Fallout 4. This update allows you to control the game’s graphical fidelity or performance, as well as resolves some stability and visual issues.

The update also provides fixes and improvements to address issues reported in player feedback about the previous update.

Update versions

  • Xbox S|X: 1,10,765
  • PlayStation 5: 1,10,985
  • PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One: 1,10,984

Highlights of correction

Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5 display settings

Thanks to your comments, we were able to implement graphical fidelity or game performance control. We recommend playing with the default setting, but you can now change the options to suit your play style and screen.

Frame rate per second

The FPS lets you choose between 30, 40, and 60 (default). It’s important to note that to select 40, your monitor must support 120Hz.

Choose between graphics or performance

Now, you can choose Graphics or Performance (default) when changing the FPS. If you choose a frame rate of 60, we recommend that you select Performance. Both modes can perform dynamic fine-tuning when scenes or events become too intense. We emphasize that both modes can be changed in the main menu.

Bug fixes

  • General stability improvements
  • We fixed graphical issues in some images
  • Auto HDR has been re-enabled (Xbox Series S|X)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the placeholder from displaying correctly in the loading order list (Xbox Series S|X)
  • Fixed an issue with the character name field in widescreen mode (PC)
  • We fixed an issue that could cause packages to not download completely, causing an error
  • Fixed an issue with material swaps
  • Fixed a loading order issue that could cause DLC to freeze until the console was restarted after downloading mods (PlayStation 5)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error if the player returned to the main menu while still downloading queued mods (PlayStation 5)
  • We fixed an issue that could prevent the Creation Club menu from appearing (Microsoft Store)
  • Fixed an error that could occur when connecting to the Internet after suspend/resume with network disabled (Xbox One)
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Character fixes

  • We’ve fixed some missing arts in some creations