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Marcus Munn reached his physical peak at the age of 44, find out how he did it and whether anyone can achieve it;  Watch the video

Marcus Munn reached his physical peak at the age of 44, find out how he did it and whether anyone can achieve it; Watch the video

Marcus Mion, 44, has not only defined his muscles, he has achieved a sculpted level of definition. He is preparing for the main role in the movie “MMA – Meu Melhor Amigo,” which depicts the life of fighter Max Machadada. The challenge was enormous, almost a battle.

According to information from Terra, physical trainer Anderson Pontis wonders whether it is possible to reach peak fitness in middle age, as Mion did. It is stated that bodybuilding is beneficial at any age, especially since men begin to gradually lose testosterone after the age of 35, which makes the whole process more difficult. He praises Mione as a perfect example that it's never too late to start, as long as you're committed to training and eating.


Maintaining or trying to achieve body definition becomes more difficult with age, so styling becomes increasingly important. In an interview with GQ, Mion stressed the importance of appreciating the journey, not just the results.

Mione lives on a diet and believes that it is necessary to love the process. He states that if you focus only on results, you will not be able to maintain momentum. Regularity and consistency are essential for body shaping. It is a long, lonely, and life-changing process.

Training, whether for strength, wellness or bodybuilding, is a long-term process that must respect each person's individual limits. Anderson Pontis, a physical trainer, believes that discipline is one of the secrets. It is recommended to start by walking, going to the gym and feeling the surrounding energy. It is important to have a team of good professionals, such as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

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It is necessary to develop a strategy with specialists to achieve the goal, especially for the elderly, as their metabolism begins to slow down. Plans may vary and include specific exercises and supplements.

Mion and his team adopted a “hard” strategy that included four daily exercises, a restricted diet, and nutritional supplements. Any physical activity should be done under the supervision of a professional, Pontes recalls.

Mion uses social media to share her findings. He reveals in his post that he has been living this lifestyle for 15 years and never imagined that he would achieve the best physical shape of his life at his current age.

He admits it's not easy. In fact, it's hard every day. But, as with everything in life, it comes down to how much you want it.