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3 simple tricks to change the color of your WhatsApp

3 simple tricks to change the color of your WhatsApp

After the last update to WhatsApp And many more before that, many users are dissatisfied with the dominance of green color in the application layout.

If you are one of these users and want to change the color of WhatsApp, know that there are some alternatives to customize the appearance of the messaging to your taste.

Here we will provide three tips on how to change the color of WhatsApp and make it “less” green.

How to change your WhatsApp background color

The first tip is to use third-party applications, known as APKs. Modified WhatsApp files may give you the option to change the color of the app; However, it is important to stress that using APK files can pose security risks, such as hacking Hackers It is a virus.

Therefore, before choosing this alternative, it is important to consider whether the risks involved are worth it.

The second way to customize WhatsApp is to change the chat background. The application provides the ability to choose the pictures From your photo gallery or from the options available in the application itself.

Moreover, you can adjust the light or dark tones and adjust the brightness according to your preference. This is a simple and safe way to make your WhatsApp private.

Finally, there is a third option which is to use the light or dark mode option in WhatsApp. This internal configuration of the app allows you to switch between the two display modes, which is easy on the eyes and saves battery.

To activate light or dark mode, simply access WhatsApp settings and select the desired option.

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In short, if you are tired of the green color prevailing in WhatsApp, know that you can change the color of the application in several ways.

From using APK files to customizing the wallpaper and choosing the display mode, there are options to make the messenger work for you.

Try the tips in this article and convert WhatsApp according to your preferences.