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A new millionaire reveals the secret of his success by winning the lottery twice

A new millionaire reveals the secret of his success by winning the lottery twice

win in the lottery Just once is the dream of many people, but imagine yourself being so lucky twice! This is what happened to Christine Wilson, a resident of Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA, who proved that she is on a very positive path.

I got more than a dollar million In two consecutive drawings in the Massachusetts State Lottery. After winning the lottery twice, what everyone wants to know is the technique she used, right?

According to Christine, the secret to her amazing winning streak was simple: selecting tickets at different locations. She says she thinks it was tremendous luck, because simply flipping through the lottery may not be enough to guarantee a win.

The new millionaire considers this strategy unusual, but she asserts that it was all she did to double her chances of success and secure a large sum of money.

The two draws that secured Christine’s victory were only 10 weeks apart. In other words, she was still celebrating her first victory when she found out she had won again. This shows that, even with money in her pocket, she continued to play new lottery games. after every thing, luck I was there for her!

And one more detail: The store where Christine bought the winning ticket in the last drawing also has reason to celebrate. You will get a bonus of $10,000 for selling the lucky ticket.

Plan with the first million!

After receiving money she never imagined, Christine makes plans on how to spend the money. She says she intends to be careful! To be on the safe side, he intends to put the entire second prize money into savings, ensuring a more peaceful financial future.

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With the other part of the first victory, you will buy a new car. Christine’s story is an example that luck can smile on anyone, even more than once!