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Learn now to block contact on WhatsApp without being noticed

You definitely got spam and also discussed it with someone on WhatsApp, the best known messaging app in the world. Today we will teach you how to block a contact in the app without them knowing.

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Just remember that from the moment you block the contact, you will not receive a message from them unless you unblock them.

Discover 3 steps to block a contact on WhatsApp:

The first step

Open your WhatsApp, and in the Conversations section, tap on the menu indicated by three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on “Settings”, “Account” and “Privacy”.

The second step

Under “Privacy”, tap on the “Blocked Contacts” option. Here, all the already blocked contacts will be opened.

The third step

On the same blocked page, go to the “Add” option in the upper right corner and your contacts list will open. Choose the number you want to block and tap on it. This way, it will be automatically included in the list and will not be able to send messages.

These steps are for Android users, for those using IOS, the process is the same, see:

With WhatsApp open in conversations, click on the “Adjustments” option indicated by the gear sign in the lower right corner of the screen;

Then click on “Account”, “Privacy” and “Blocked”;

When the blocked list opens, just click on Add New and choose the contact to block.