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Can stress affect the aging process?  See what the expert says

Can stress affect the aging process? See what the expert says


The psychologist highlights stress-related diseases and their effects on the elderly


Hey pressure It is a physiological and psychological response of the organism to situations that require it Adaptation or Resilience.

Although it is a behavior that affects thousands of people around the world, stress manifests itself in many ways and can manifest itself in… Different across age groupsChildren, youth, adults and the elderly.

Among the various symptoms that may appear: irritability, Hair loss, feelings of anguish and sadness, digestive problems, muscle tension, Among other things.

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Can stress affect the aging process?

According to data from Global Health Organization, 90% of the world’s population suffers from stress.

A woman looks tired, stressed or has a headache (illustration) – Freebec

In older people, stress manifests itself in a very strange way Various symptoms and specific characteristics Among those observed in other age groups, explains psychologist and professor at Centro Universitário dos Guararapes (UNIFG), Cynthia Andressa.

“Related to this, during the aging process, the body goes through changes that can affect an individual’s ability to cope with emotional and physical stress, making older adults more vulnerable to physical and mental health complications resulting from chronic stress.”

“Stress is associated with inflammatory activity. During aging, there is a gradual increase in this systemic inflammatory activity. According to some research that has been done, this process can lead to neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases and cancer. Besides, there may also be an increase in inflammation.” Associated with stress, which exacerbates mood disorders. Cynthia Highlights.

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Therefore, maintaining quality of life throughout aging process, Requires care with Physical, mental and psychological health, Which will provide healthy aging.


Strategies for protection that it treatment to the pressure It must be adopted individually, respecting each person’s privacy.

Because the causes of stressful situations are multifactorial, It may vary depending on the context in which the individual is included, regardless of his or her age.

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