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Botafogo decides to fine Romero and Hernandez, who already have a date to return to the team  com.botafogo

Botafogo decides to fine Romero and Hernandez, who already have a date to return to the team com.botafogo

The position of Botafogo In the case involving Diego Hernandez and Oscar Romero, They were removed after discipline involving womenIt is necessary to put an end to this situation. Shortly after the punishment was announced, the board of directors pledged to keep the matter quiet so that there would be no developments before an important match for Conmebol Libertadores.

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The foreigners returned to Rio de Janeiro on Monday morning, on a commercial flight, after speaking with the club’s senior management. The team headed to Lima, venue of the match against Universitario, on Thursday, in order to adapt to Peruvian time and have more time to train.

The duo will train separately at Espaço Lonier, CT, for the next three days, at least. Hernandez and Romero will receive a fine.

In fact, the trend is for both of them to return to the match against Corinthians, at 4pm next Sunday, at the New Quimica Arena, in the seventh round of the Brazilian championship. There is no provision for other penalties.

Oscar Romero has been delighting Artur Jorge with his recent performances and the Portuguese built a team with the Paraguayan as a starter against Universitario – the number 70 has provided two assists in his last two matches.

Diego Hernandez and Oscar Romero, Botafogo – Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

Internally, the status is considered closed and will no longer be touched. The board’s focus is on Libertadores and it is understood that the punishment was a way to send a message to Hernandez, Romero and all players in the team at the moment and in future situations.

With the situation resolved, Botafogo will begin training in Peru on Tuesday. The team, led by Artur Jorge, will train at Sporting Cristal Stadium.

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