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The new iPhone charger should surprise users;  You understand

The new iPhone charger should surprise users; You understand

iPhone users know that buying a cell phone from Apple doesn’t mean having to buy just the smartphone. Almost every accessory is unique and features dedicated ports, including the charger. This can make life much easier and more affordable for those who want to have one of these models in their hands.

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Who has never been left in the lurch when they saw their battery was dying and no one else had a compatible charger Iphone in the environment? Yes, that situation should change soon, according to Apple’s vice president of marketing, Greg Joswiak.

According to the executive, the following manufacturer’s devices must be adapters for charging via a USB-C input port. In other words, standard chargers from other brands that use Android can also be connected to the iPhone. The announcement was made during Tech Live, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Disagreements prompted to change the iPhone charger

Joswiak’s letter illustrates the need to adapt the Charger Iphone by a decision of the European Union. The European Parliament mandated the creation of a universal USB-C charger for all mobile phones. The goal will be to reduce electronic waste in the world and this measure has gained supporters in almost all countries of the world.

In other words, the use of transformers, as is happening today, does not meet the need that the European Union has indicated as an emerging one. By the way, this may be exactly what parliamentarians want to avoid.

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Remember, the iPad already has a USB-C charging port, for example. There is still no final release date for new iPhones with entries of this nature. However, everything indicates that the next generation of Apple devices should be a perfect fit for what legislation has adopted as a more secure standard and less garbage generator.