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Scammers are using ‘dangerous’ WhatsApp button to clean bank accounts

Scammers are using ‘dangerous’ WhatsApp button to clean bank accounts

WhatsApp is an excellent app for quickly sending messages, photos, videos, links, documents and other files. Despite its popularity in Brazil, the number of scams involving the messenger has increased significantly in recent years.

Latest includes Screen share button, which may initially seem harmless, but in fact hides a significant risk to your banking data. The trap this time is disguised as… Technical Support.

A new WhatsApp scam to steal bank details

A new WhatsApp scam is attracting the attention of banking entities that have already reported cases of money being stolen from their customers’ accounts through the screen sharing function.

It works like this: Criminals communicate with the user through video calls, pretending to be banks or famous brands. The reason for contact is to provide support or some type of “benefit” to the victim. Those who have WhatsApp Business are more likely to fall into this type of trap.

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How do scams happen on WhatsApp?

To prevent yourself from falling into the new trap that criminals are implementing on WhatsApp, it is a good idea to better understand how this works in practice. paying off:

  • Criminals contact you via WhatsApp pretending to be your bank. In general, they use their profile picture and name similarly. Only the phone will be different.
  • During the conversation, the scammers say that there has been an “error” in the bank account and that a holding fee should be charged.
  • From there, the criminals request support via video call. They will also try to convince the victim of this Enable screen sharing To determine what the “supposed” problem is.
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Criminals ask users to activate the screen sharing function during the scam (Image: Reproduction)

  • Now comes the worst part: Once the customer accesses the bank app and enters the username and password, the criminals will screen record all the codes that guarantee access to the account to steal all the money.

Aware of these risks, it is important to note that no banking entity requests access to data from customers, whether by email, SMS or even WhatsApp. If you receive a suspicious call, reject it and go to the bank to find out what is really going on.