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A very rare counter-rotating tornado occurs in the United States

A very rare counter-rotating tornado occurs in the United States

Last April, a supercell — a severe storm — produced two unusual weather events, including anticyclonic motion.

7 May
– 5:33 p.m

(Updated at 5:57 p.m.)

One Weather phenomenon At the end of April, South-Central America was hit rarely – it is a clockwise rotating tornado, which occurs in only 1% of cases in the Northern Hemisphere, and another one that moves from east to west is very unusual.

Photo: Greg Lundeen/Domain Público / Canaltech

A tornado formed by a supercell, a type of severe storm, struck the US state of Oklahoma on the afternoon of April 30. In addition Hailstones and strong winds, these types of weather events also produce tornadoes, and in the case reported here, they produced several.

The affected city, in particular, Loveland, is the most affected region of the country Hurricane season, are common at this time and are usually formed by supercells. Anticyclonic storms like the one in this event are usually weak, but not this time.

A very rare tornado

As the weather event continued to rotate clockwise, the United States’ National Weather Service (NWS) issued a defining statement. Cyclone “Bigger and more dangerous”. However, no casualties were caused as most of the incidents took place in the planting area, uprooting most of the trees and plants.

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The agency also said the cyclone was “almost stationary” or at least moving very slowly, which is highly unusual. National Weather Service meteorologist Rick Smith told CNN that almost always, a hurricane follows a supercell throughout its path, which was not the case in this case.

One second Cyclone, formed by a supercell in the United States, traveled from east to west, in the opposite direction to what is common over the country and contrary to the path of the weather event that produced it. Both events involving tornadoes may have occurred at the same time, which is extremely rare.

Hurricane season can occur at any time of the year, but during the hurricane months spring Thunderstorms are most common in the United States, peaking in the south in mid-May and early June. Further north, it lasts until July. In April alone, the National Weather Service tracked 300 tornadoes, the second-highest number for a month on record.

Source: NWS with the information that CNN

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