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The CEO says 80% of all Mercedes G-Classes are still operational

The CEO says 80% of all Mercedes G-Classes are still operational

It is impossible to talk about the classics Mercedes Benz Without thinking Category G. The German SUV, which was first introduced to the public in 1979, is still sold to this day, and its production has already exceeded 500,000 units. However, what catches the attention of the consumer (and the competition for that matter) is its great durability.

According to Michael Shippey, AMG CEO and head of G-Class sales, about 80% of SUVs made are still on the road today, which is a very large percentage. This means that at least 400,000 of the 500,000 G-Classes actually manufactured to this day are still in service. “Our vehicles have a very long useful life,” Shippey said.

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“Here you can calculate that, although the G-Class probably needs a little more materials than a compact car to produce it, I think you will have to drive many, many compact cars, in some cases, to achieve the same productive life of the G-Class,” he concluded. chief executive officer. This feat doesn’t just happen inside Mercedes: according to Porsche, 70% of the 911s built to date are still on the road.

Mercedes G-Class electric car with 588 hp

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However, Mercedes has not stopped reinventing the powerful model. Recently, the brand introduced its all-electric version, the G580 EQ. The model has four engines with 588 hp and excellent torque of 118.6 lb-ft. This contributes to acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 seconds.

Ultimately, the new electric G-Class could “reach customers who were not attracted to them in the past,” said Shippey. However, to the delight of purists, the petrol G-Class will continue to be offered. In addition, there is also a powerful AMG version with the already familiar V8 engine.

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