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How to create an avatar on WhatsApp?  Learn all about the new feature |  apps

How to create an avatar on WhatsApp? Learn all about the new feature | apps

Create an avatar in The WhatsAppcourier is available to android And the Iphone 🇧🇷iOS), in the testing phase. The tool will allow users to create and customize small skins with their own facial and body characteristics, similar to the Avatars feature Instagram And the bitmojiThe new 🇧🇷, for users who are using the trial and already available version, opens a new tab in the app’s settings menu for creation and customization to be carried out. The character can be used as a profile picture or in conversations in the form of stickers.

The tool is not yet available to everyone – Only for some users in trial versions For Android and iPhone (iOS) have access. There is also no official release date for the feature for the full base. According to WABetaInfo, a portal that specializes in messenger updates, the functionality is being released gradually to testers and should arrive in the future to all people who use the platform. See, in the lines below, everything you need to know about Avatars in WhatsApp.

The feature that allows you to create an avatar can be used in stickers and a profile picture on WhatsApp – Image: Flávia Fernandes / TechTudo

What are WhatsApp Avatars? Can anyone use it?

Avatar creation is a new feature that is being tested by WhatsApp. For now, the tool is not enabled for everyone yet, only for some Android and iPhone (iOS) beta users. The feature allows users to create sticker shapes with their own physical properties. Hair, face shape, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, and clothing are some of the elements that can be customized using the build tool.

After completion, the messenger creates a pack of stickers, with themes such as “love”, “happy” and “sad”, which can be used in conversations. Grandma is like Memoji, the original iPhone widget🇧🇷 Another potential use is as a profile picture, with different variants of the avatar’s facial expression, such as happy or thoughtful. The image’s background color is also customizable, with options for shades like green or orange.

WhatsApp creates a pack of stickers with the avatar and assigns it to a new area in the app – Image: Reproduction / WaBetaInfo

Can you use a profile picture and an avatar at the same time?

yes. Even after creating the avatar, you can choose whether or not to use the doll as your profile picture. In this way, new stickers obtained can be sent normally in chats, regardless of the profile picture. If the user prefers, it is also not necessary to create a digital impersonation.

Why haven’t my avatars appeared yet?

Avatars are compatible with Android beta 2.22.24 and iOS beta However, devices are receiving the new feature gradually – that is, even those who already have the app in the compatible version may not have the functionality active yet. According to the WABetaInfo portal, the job will be released to more people over time. To check if the option is already available, go to the settings area of ​​the app, where there will be a new tab.

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The feature to create avatars can be seen in a new tab in the application settings menu – Image: Reproduction / WaBetaInfo

When will everyone’s avatars arrive?

There are still no expectations for the release of the full base for WhatsApp. However, the functionality is under development and promises to receive even additional functionality in the future, such as the possibility of using an avatar in video calls.

Can you do this on the web version?

At the moment, the use is only available for mobile phones in beta for Android and iPhone (iOS). It is not known at the moment if it will be available on WhatsApp Web or Desktop in the future.

With information from WaBetaInfo (1) And the (two) And the WhatsApp FAQ

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