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Helldivers 2 will no longer require a mandatory PSN link

Helldivers 2 will no longer require a mandatory PSN link

After massive pressure from the community, Sony has abandoned making the PSN link mandatory for Helldivers 2. As a result, the update scheduled for Monday (6) has been permanently boycotted.

In a post on X, the manufacturer itself provided clarifications to netizens. According to the company, fan feedback has been “invaluable” and all PC players will be able to access the game without restrictions.

Helldivers fans: We’ve heard your comments about account linking. The May 6 update, which will require linking a Steam and PSN account for new and existing players starting May 30, will not go ahead.

We’re still learning what works best for PC gamers and your feedback has been invaluable. Thank you again for your continued support of the game and we will keep you updated on future plans.

Helldivers 2 release reaches over 170 countries

Last weekend, more than 170 countries were banned from purchasing Helldivers 2 via Steam. This was another controversy regarding the connectivity policy between PS5 and PC, which prompted a series of statements from Arrowhead in recent days.

Interestingly, this removal from Valve’s platform did not affect all countries, but only a select few regions. As a result, the title became the target of significant review bombing, reaching negative reviews in the PC version.

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What do you think of Sony’s decision? Do you think the fans are comfortable now? comment!