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WhatsApp not downloading PDF?  Users complain about app errors;  paying off

WhatsApp not downloading PDF? Users complain about app errors; paying off

WhatsApp does not download files, especially in PDF format, for some platform users. According to social media reports, the problem started last week after a system update. The flaw mainly affects internet users who are using the beta version of the messenger available for Android devices. The trending online topic has led to an increase in searches for the terms “I can’t open the pdf on WhatsApp”, “Download failed, couldn’t complete the download, try again later” and “My WhatsApp won’t download the pdf” on the platform. Google Trends.

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Hey TechTudo Contact WhatsApp support to ask what caused the failure. In response, at 3:40 p.m., the company informed that “the beta version allows users to test our features before we launch them via WhatsApp, that is, it is a version with constant changes and, therefore, some instability. It is worth noting that it is a different application and that it does not affect users of WhatsApp.” In the next few lines, see more details about the download error and see tips that can help solve the problem.

WhatsApp not downloading PDF? Understanding errors and seeing possible solutions – Image: Laura Storino/TechTudo

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Can’t open PDF on WhatsApp? Get it wrong

The error occurred when executing PDF files on WhatsApp since the update in the beta version of the messenger for Android, which happened at the beginning of May. Information from a specialized website WABetaInfo. On X (formerly Twitter), the portal also informed that users of the test platform should wait for a new bug fix to get rid of this situation.

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Reader Manasses de Almeida contacted TechTudo Reportedly affected by the bug since Friday (4). He says the app is up to date and that he is also having issues accessing documents in XLSX, PPT and DOC format.

Some netizens pointed out that even after updating WhatsApp Beta again to the new version, the error did not disappear. Some reports on X (formerly Twitter) indicate dissatisfaction with the issue, which is not allowing important study and work documents to be opened. Posts in English and Spanish indicate that the bug affects people from different countries, not just Brazilians. Check it below:

WhatsApp not downloading PDF: How to fix the problem?

At the moment, there is no 100% effective solution to the problem in WhatsApp Beta, everything indicates that it will be a bug in the messaging system. However, users should be careful to download new platform updates that are available soon.

Another tip is to download a PDF reader on your cell phone to open WhatsApp files. This option can be considered an alternative while the messenger error is not resolved. Some options, such as Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, Polaris Office, WPS Office, or even Google Drive, are available for free, either on the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Google Drive may be an option to read PDF files while WhatsApp error persists – Image: Getty Images

What is WhatsApp Beta?

WhatsApp Beta is the beta version of Meta’s messenger, available for users to test new features before the official launch. Some functions currently present in the official application, such as WhatsApp Pay, dark mode and the possibility of linking different devices to the same account, have previously been passed through the test platform. If any error is noticed in this app, it can be reported to the company, which should amend the final details before releasing it to the general public.

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With information from WABetaInfo.

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