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Rare video shows Freddie Mercury preparing for his last show before dying

It was a hot summer’s day, August 9, 1986 to be exact, when Freddie Mercury, May, Taylor and Deacon helicoptered over a packed audience and took to the stage for the last time in front of a screaming crowd of over 120,000 people.

The show took place at Knebworth Park in Stevenage, an English town north of London. The location chosen for this then-unexpected farewell is fitting given the many historic concerts that have taken place including that of Led Zeppelin in 1979, the Beach Boys’ last English concert in their original line-up in 1980 and, in 1985, the concert The first Deep Purple concert in the UK after the group’s meeting.

But now a rare behind-the-scenes video of the show has gone viral on the internet. In it, the singer rehearses, jumps up and down excitedly, drinks water and vocalizes, and rehearses the famous “Ooooo” chorus, a creative interaction with the audience present at all performances. Drummer Roger Taylor still appears in the video, flirting with his bandmate.

Back to the Queen concert, this was part of a larger tour consisting of 26 European dates, the first of which took place on June 7, 1986 in Stockholm, while the latter was exactly the aforementioned stop in Knebworth.

It was a tour designed to promote the album released in June of the same year, A KIND OF MAGIC, the band’s twelfth studio album and final Queen album to be promoted through a tour due to the band’s failing health. Mercury, who was diagnosed with AIDS the following year.

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The first signs of illness began to appear after this last concert, at the end of which the artist announced that he could no longer bear such events because of his pain spreading throughout his body. However, none of his teammates attached much importance to these words at the time, as Mercury always complained of being very tired after the most demanding performances (and this was certainly one of the most expensive).

a magic tour It was, overall, one of the biggest shows Queen ever performed, reaching a total of over a million people who gathered to watch the various stages of the tour.

In the concluding stage of the tour, the audience was really in ecstasy and asked the band to play several lutes, giving some of them, among which stands out the famous Ga Ga Radio .

A little anecdote related to the concert and this song in particular concerns the band’s historic bass player: At the End Ga Ga Radio Looks like John Deacon Destroy his bass. bit of attitude A rebel that neither colleagues nor insiders expect of him. In short, it was an unexpected moment that added some spice to the evening.

We remember the event with some wonderful pictures: here are the fans who enthusiastically take part in the action, clapping their hands in time.

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