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A pair of tigers impress fishermen on the Aquidoana River

A pair of tigers impress fishermen on the Aquidoana River

The appearance of a pair of leopards on the banks of the Aquiduana River caught the attention of poachers who were sailing through the area known as the “Sour Oranges”.

Newspaper Pantanal He had exclusive access to the video recorded by the men. It can be seen in the pictures that the fishermen reduced the speed of the boat to enjoy the appearance of the animal.

Tigers are lying in the sand, located right on the edge of the river. One of them notices the hunters, but she doesn’t seem interested and even lies on the ground.

“Look at the jaguar over there, kids. Oh my God, that’s so beautiful,” says one of the men on the boat.

The recording time has not been revealed, but it is possible to note from the Sun that the images were recorded in the afternoon.

Furthermore, another video, also sent to the report, shows one of the animals being seen again in the same place, but at night. In this video, to estimate the appearance, hunters use a flashlight to illuminate the location where the animal is.

However, this time, the jaguar seems to be disturbed by the strong light and quickly hides in the forest.

Tigers have been spotted by poachers:

Ricardo Charci @gigantesdamadrugada


Bruno Lopez@pronolops9913

Watch the videos:

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