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Manta Ray |  An autonomous Stingray-shaped drone has completed testing in the US

Manta Ray | An autonomous Stingray-shaped drone has completed testing in the US

Developed by Northrop Grumman, the Manta Ray is an autonomous ray-shaped drone designed to operate in marine environments inaccessible to humans.

4 May
– 12:00

(Updated at 5:42 p.m.)

America’s defense lines will soon have a new, state-of-the-art tool to help protect the nation. It is Manta Ray, A Autonomous drone Shaped like a stingray, one of its many unique features.

Photo: Disclosure/Northrop Grumman / CanalTech

Developed by Northrop Grumman, the vehicle has successfully completed its first tests in water, proving that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is ready to fulfill its planning role.

According to DARPA, the Monta Ray has been designed since 2020 with one goal in mind: to operate long-duration, long-distance missions in uncharted ocean environments.

“Our successful, large-scale Monta Ray tests confirm the vehicle’s readiness to advance toward real-world operations after rapid assembly from modular subassemblies in the field,” said DARPA Program Manager Dr. Kyle Worner.

Key Features of Manta Ray Drone

According to Northrop Grumman’s official website, there are several points Autonomous drone An important difference when it comes to the country’s defense is in the form of the Stingray. Among several features, the manufacturer highlighted:

  • Payload capable of supporting various missions;
  • Autonomous, without the need for human logistics on site;
  • Energy saving, capable of sleeping while anchored to the bottom of the sea with low energy consumption;
  • Modular, it ships easily in five standard containers to support rapid deployment and field assembly around the world.
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Members of DARPA and Northrop Grumman say the prototype will continue to be tested by the US Navy to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new type of UUVs (Unemployed underwater vehiclesor, in good Portuguese, long-duration unmanned underwater vehicles), and results will be published as new tests are completed.


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