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Adriane Galisteu encara mais uma noite de eliminação na

On a different day, “A Fazenda” faces the Globo – Prisma

Globo will broadcast, Thursday, the 11th round of the World Cup qualifiers, the confrontation between Brazil and Venezuela, in Caracas. Rolling ball from 20:30. And a transmission that should run until 22:40, at the most, messes with the entirety of prime times.

It is interesting to verify that because of this, there will be three productions of the drama in the sequence, starting with the chapter “Empire”, then “Under Pressure” and “Secret Facts”. in the next time.

Because of all that, he’ll hit the third night of elimination on “A Fazenda 13”, by Record, starting at 22:45, which, again and considering the people involved, promises strong feelings.

Therefore, Duel is also on TV, with a dramatic x realistic show. Place your bets.

It will take some time

At Globo, the replacement in “BBB”, Tiago Leifert by Tadeu Schmidt, will be announced as soon as possible, as well as a decision on it.

But choosing who will replace Thiago in “The Voice” will take time. Much later.

for the last

Globo remains completely silent, pretending to be dead, about Tadeu’s departure and also about who will replace him in “Fantástico”.

People who are very close to everything ensure that they will be someone who is versatile or, at least, does well in the athletic field.


Looking only at the global representatives, without looking at anyone from the outside, some names are speculated internally.
For example: Rodrigo Bocardi. But also Felipe Andreoli, more thoughtful, and Alex Escobar, a little less.

mega ramp

On Sunday, at 2 p.m., the band’s “Show do Esporte” will feature “Mega Rampa,” an event created by Brazilian Bob Burnquist, a world reference in figure skating and the greatest medal in X Games history.

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The competition, to be held at the largest private sports park, Dreamland, located in Vista, San Diego, will have Rodrigo Bitar’s narration and the comments of Rodrigo Capica and Marquinhos Cruz.

it went well

Internally, at Globo, CEO Samantha Almeida’s name has been so well received that she has been announced as the new Director of Content Creation, especially in the entertainment business.

He is still missing, but due to the pandemic, he is in close contact with her with the authors and directors of the series at home.


The “Faustão na Band” team is working hard to prepare for the first performances of January.
Definitions of everything, including photos and the days that will be broadcast, will only be taken from next weekend, with Fausto Silva returning to Brazil.

to interview

Daniela Albuquerque welcomes Bianca Rinaldi to “Sensacional” Thursday on Rede TV!.
Actress with more than 30 years of professional career, she has collected many successful works such as “Pícara Sonhadora”,

“Os Mutantes”, “Slave Isaura” and “In Familia”. Bianca was also a Paquita from Xuxa.


During Children’s Day Week, TV Cultura will feature a series of children’s premieres, including “Power Rangers” and a new version of “Thomas e seu Amigos.”

Starting Monday, other editions of Sesame Workshop will also arrive, including two unique specials on practicing healthy early childhood habits and the safe use of digital devices.

a job

TV Brasil has entered into an agreement with Renato Aragão Produções in the amount of R$225,000 for the rights to show the fifteen “Os Trapalhes” films released between the 1970s and 1980s.

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A period of two years and six months. This item was in the possession of SBT prior to the “Show do Milhão” premiere.

by the way

The film work of “Trapalhão” was honored in “Bia & Jean – Our Life is a Comedy”.

After the Spcine circuit, fairs are now held at Funarte, the following 29-30. Directed by Jean Chambers and Ligia Beatrice.


On Tuesday afternoon, the song A Hora da Venenosa once again secured the recording of the first secluded spot in the São Paulo metropolitan audience.

Between 2:47 pm and 3:20 pm, “Balanço Geral”, with Rinaldo Guetino, Renato Lombardi and Fabiola Riber, scored an average of 9.9 points. In his full time, “BG” was the deputy leader with 8.6 points.

hit – hit

• Entre Mundos with Pedro Andrade, under the CNN Soft brand, premieres on CNN Brasil, on Sunday 17th at 10:30 pm …

• …in its first season, it will feature 10 episodes. It starts with the United States.

• After being distributed in more than 60 festivals around the world and winning 20 awards, the Brazilian short film “Napo” will be shown on the 28th, at 8 pm …

• …Free viewing on Miralumo Films YouTube channel…

• … Directed by Gustavo Ribeiro, the short film is an animation for adults and children.

• “Sítio Rueda”, directed by Jefferson and Janaína Rueda, begins Tuesday, 10:30 pm, on Sabor & Arte.

• Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. channels will open. The sign is for Claro and Vivo customers from October 8 to 14 and for Sky subscribers from October 8 to 17.

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• “The Farm” moves people’s minds to the point that even the participants’ friends offer to be interviewed…

• …they also go out in search of their moment of glory.

• OFFICIAL: Globoplay now confirms “Secret Truths 2” on the next 20th day.

• “Game Changers Talks,” a talk show from Riot Games focused on female representation, returns Friday, welcoming Mariana Baker…

• …On the show, a Band reporter talks about the challenges she faces as a woman in a masculine environment like Formula 1. Live via Valorant Brasil’s YouTube.