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Minghao’s daughter, from Ultraje a Rigor, shows her father in the hospital and makes a wish

Minghao’s daughter, from Ultraje a Rigor, shows her father in the hospital and makes a wish

Reynaldo Oliveira Amaral porridgeShe appeared briefly on her daughter’s social media, Isabella AgliO Friday (3). The “Ultraje a Rigor” guitarist is still in hospital, needing money to pay for some treatments and procedures, such as breast surgery. Cranioplasty. Therefore, on the 23rd, the second edition of the “Juntos Pelo Mingau” event will be held in São Paulo.

Isabella asked next to her father, holding his hand: “Guys, I am here with my father to invite you to attend the show on the 23rd, at the Tokyo Marine Hall, in the capital, São Paulo. look here.

The event will include performances by a number of artists from the rock music scene. Among them is Degau, from Raimundos, who used social media to extend an invitation.

“Let us give this power to Minghao, who is our brother. My twin brother. I am very happy that this time I can be there with you.”

Sepultura’s Andreas Keiser confirmed that all profits from the show will go to help “treat” Mingau so that he “will recover soon.” “Join your forces to get Minghao out of this,” he said.

Together for porridge 2

The second edition of the Juntos Pelo Mingau event will be held on May 23, at 9 p.m., at the Tokyo Marine Hall, in São Paulo. Gates open at 7 p.m.

The edition will include several performances by artists from the rock scene. They are: Amilcar Cristofaro (Matanza Ritual), Andreas Keyser (Sepultura), Bacalhau y Klein (Ultraje), Badaoi (CPM 22), Degao (Raymondos), Eriberto Leao, Fernando Magalhães (Barao), Gao (Ratos de Burao), Landau , Marcelo Magal (Bikini), Nasi (Ira), as well as BJ and Román (Tihuana).

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The singer’s daughter announced last Tuesday (30). Link to purchase a ticketwhich costs between R$70 and R$220 (full) + service fee.

How is the porridge?

The Mingau bulletin issued on Friday (3) by the São Luiz Itaim Hospital, of Rede D’Or, in São Paulo, contains the same information as the previous bulletins. The document highlights that the guitarist presents “good development and stable clinical condition.”

“The patient should undergo a new surgery (cranioplasty), although there is no specific date yet, and continue to receive all necessary multidisciplinary assistance,” the document states.

It is worth noting that Guitarist for Ultraje a Rigor He was admitted to São Paulo on February 2, less than a month after being discharged from hospital and admitted to a rehabilitation clinic. Asida was admitted to hospital to treat a lung infection, a condition he had already encountered in November, during his first hospitalization.

He was the artist He was shot in the Ilha das Cobras community in Paraty, in Rio de Janeiro, on September 2 of last year, and was transferred in very serious condition to the Hugo Miranda Hospital. However, the next day, he was transferred by helicopter to São Luiz do Itaim Hospital.

The musician was in a dark pickup truck with a film on the windows, which was hit by several bullets.

With information from Maria Clara Lacerda