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Whindersson donates $1 million to RS and the networks do not forgive the inertia of Bolsonaro’s supporters

Whindersson donates $1 million to RS and the networks do not forgive the inertia of Bolsonaro’s supporters

I wrote in Brazil he

“To the Caesar is what is Caesar’s, and to the people is what is the people’s.” Comedian and digital influencer Henderson Nunes wrote on social networks on Friday (3) when he announced the sending of millionaire donations to those affected by the climate collapse recorded in Porto Alegre and Rio Grande do Sul.

On the networks, netizens went crazy over Henderson’s situation and took the opportunity to make the necessary comparisons with Bolsonaro’s supporters who did nothing to mitigate the tragedy.

But contrary to what is being circulated on the rumor pages, Henderson did not take all the money from his account. He organized a donation campaign with millions of his followers to support the people of Rio Grande do Sul.

“I helped raise money with people. Congratulations to the people who are on the front lines while those giving orders have a warm bed to sleep in,” he wrote.

Henderson was referring to the Mayor of Porto Alegre, Sebastião Melo (MDB), and the Governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), who knew in advance that the tragedy would come and did not take any mitigation or preparation measures. Netizens also compared him to last-minute Bolsonaro supporters such as federal MP Nicolas Ferreira (PL-MG), with whom he recently had a controversy on social media.

“More Whinderssons and less pacifiers”“, one netizen wrote. Another sent the following comment: “Congratulations man, the right thing is for the government to provide this help, but it’s good to have people with humanity and compassion. No one is letting go of each other’s hand.”.

With the funds raised, Winderson sent one of his security guards by helicopter to help rescue stranded people and distribute food baskets in the worst-hit areas. The influencer promises to distribute a thousand basic food baskets daily during the next week.

“One thousand basic food baskets daily, starting Monday (6), to several cities in Republika Srpska. My personal security guard is in state to hold the delivery together and avoid transfers. Land truck, forget it. Then a helicopter will attempt to land these donations at potential aid points.