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85.4% of the population adds sugar to foods and drinks, according to research


Leila Paiva, 21, from Mossoro, is the student chosen to go to Brasilia where she will serve as UK Ambassador for one day. A law student at the United National Party, you will follow the regular activities of Stephanie El Qaq, the first female British diplomat, in her activities in Brazil. Boteguar won the “Ambassador for a Day 2023” competition, which aims to promote women’s participation in international diplomacy and encourage young Brazilian women to become leaders and agents of change.

This isn’t the first time she’s been to Brasilia. In 2019, she was selected in the Young Senator contest to represent Rio Grande do Norte and spent a week following the legislative activities of the Federal Congress.

sea ​​review

“Di Resenha Com Henry” will premiere on April 1, at Cervejaria Oktos, on Via Costeira, and will tour other cities in the RN as well as the Northeast. Of course, with electro singer Henry Freitas at the forefront, on a 360-degree stage and the production is bound to surprise. Complementing the sights are Caddo Martins and Sambar & Love. Tomorrow, the first tickets are still available at the Dstore on Avenida Hermes da Fonseca.


We’re still talking about music, the attractions were launched at the second edition of the biggest festival of Brazilian popular music in Rio Grande do Norte, MPB 84. Dunes Arena.

Inspired by the song festivals of the 1960s and 1970s, the event also encourages musical production with a competition whose winners will be known on that date.
The project is produced by FF Entretenimento and has a cultural production by Viva Entretenimento and friend Garbas Filho.

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Come on daebak

The Baile da Debochada will land in Natal. The Pernambuco band Beleza Pura’s signature concert has already been confirmed on the Holy Week program in the capital of Potiguar. On April 8, local fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the event in DPraia, in Ponta Negra. The production is produced by Agência Oxigênio, his friend Mateus Adma.

The band has already partnered with Thiaguinho and Léo Santana with whom they have shared the stage several times. In addition, she opened the largest carnival show in Brazil, “Olinda Beer”, and the latest work, “DVD Beleza Pura no Samba Recife”. In addition, the event features animations by Pagode do Coxa, DJ Avenuy, and special guests.


A team of Brazilians who developed technology to detect oil spills in the oceans has been awarded a NASA award. Winner of the Space Apps Challenge hackathon, a competition that encourages the creation of innovative solutions with data from the US Agency for Challenges on Earth and in Space. The team includes programmer and entrepreneur Felipe Ribeiro Tanso, analyst and developer Ariel Petit, user experience designer Joanna Ritter, and scientists Ricardo Ramos and Eduardo Ritter from São Paulo. They developed Poseidon, a system that uses satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, and algorithms to detect the presence of oil slicks in the ocean.

sugar or sweetener

Sugar is part of the Brazilian table. According to the Household Budget Survey, 85.4% of the population adds the product to food and beverages. But to overcome the diseases caused by excessive consumption, the replacement with sweeteners is increasing. Sweeteners are present in 13.4% of Brazilian homes, according to the National Survey on Access, Use and Promotion of the Rational Use of Medicines.

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Active PFR

The presence of the Director General of the Federal Highway Police, Antonio Fernando, is important in Rio Grande do Norte to work in an attempt to quell the wave of criminal attacks that have plagued the RPF since last week. Here already 500 additional forces of the Federal Police, 140 vehicles and two PRF armored helicopters. The director confirmed, in a press conference yesterday, that he is working together and under the direction of the State Security Department and follows Minister Flavio Dino’s decision that the unit should remain in the RN until there is complete peace.