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MC Luanna's show in Lolla was interrupted: “They cut it without explanation”

MC Luanna's show in Lolla was interrupted: “They cut it without explanation”

The microphone stopped several times, and the sound was not reaching us. It's a shame because she's an artist who had a lot of people here to watch her, and everyone had a lot of expectations for her, and for her songs. It's the first big festival I've seen her perform at, and these problems are disappointing for an event of this size.

-Julia about the problems with MC Luanna's show

“Hi, how are you?” Tilao asks. At MC Luanna's choppy show at Lollapalooza, this afternoon (3/23) Photo: Camila Cara/Disclosure

Dr. Rafael Santos (28 years old) also complained about the failure of Lola's production with Luana's show. “We missed the beginning of her show almost entirely. As the set list developed, people got into the show more and more, with impeccable voice, rhythm and costumes… and they didn't even give her a chance to say goodbye to us. It would have been nice if she had been given the space to say goodbye to the audience.”

Lawyer Beatrice, 24, was looking forward to Luana's proposal, which was incomplete. For her, Lollapalooza needs to act so that these unexpected events, which have become frequent in the event, stop and the artists can perform as planned.

It's unfortunate that this happened again to Lola, it has already happened to other artists. It is strange that this continues to happen. We know that it is difficult to control, but there is a certain level of predictability of situations that can occur. It's a shame and the artist leaves [do palco] Without being able to explain. It's a shame this happened. I hope you can perform again at Lolla with a full show.