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Declining sales of Radeon consoles and GPUs have squeezed AMD’s gaming segment

Declining sales of Radeon consoles and GPUs have squeezed AMD’s gaming segment

AMD’s gaming segment, between Radeon GPUs and PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles, saw a 48% drop in revenue last fiscal year due to lower interest

May 2
– 3:15 pm

(Updated at 5:33 p.m.)

a Oh, my God It presented its financial statements for the past fiscal year and the company’s gaming sector, among Radeon video cards that it Products with AMD SoCs, generated 48% less revenue than the previous year. According to AMD Executive Vice President and CFO Jan Hu, the results mainly reflect lower demand for AMD Radeon and PlayStation 5 controllers that it Xbox Series And S series.

Although these revenues amount to US$922 million, the numbers still indicate a sequential quarterly decline of 33%, a worrying but predictable number, considering that the current generation of consoles is entering its fifth year and Heading towards the end of its cycle.

“The first quarter of semi-custom SoC sales came in line with our expectations, as we are now in the fifth console cycle [PS5 e Xbox Series]said Lisa Su, President and CEO of AMD.

Not a very expressive generation of consoles

Although the current generation still has to 2 to 4 years agoThe peak of interest has passed and the tendency is for sales to continue to decline. This puts PlayStation 5 The Xbox Series

Declining console sales impacted AMD’s gaming segment revenue. (Photo: Totte Annerbrink | Unplash / Reproduction)

Photo: ChannelTech

Although the PS5 has sold around 50 million units, the numbers are still less than half of the PS4’s 117 million, and even lower than the PS4’s 58 million. Xbox One, The failure that prompted Microsoft to change its strategy for this sector.

like Growing interest in portable consolesmuch Sony how much Microsoft has already hinted at the possibility of entering this sector In the next generation, beyond traditional platforms. If companies opt for AMD solutions, this could be a good sign for Lisa Su, which already makes laptops Lenovo Legion Go, ASUS ROG ALLY that it Steam surface.

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