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Boi Garantido needles Alane at a festival with Isabelle in AM • DOL

Boi Garantido needles Alane at a festival with Isabelle in AM • DOL

Everyone knows that the 24th edition of Big Brother Brasil was a success. But the aftermath of BBB 24 has sparked great controversy in the personal lives of many former participants of the TV Globo reality show. Some complain of lack of opportunities, others of being persecuted by haters, and others of allegedly having rivalries outside the game that made Davi Brito a champion.

One such rivalry that has arisen in many people's minds is that of Amazonian dancer Isabel Nogueira with para dancer and model Alan Dias. Last Tuesday night (30), during Boi Garantido's “Festa da Alvorada”, one of the main members of the Red and White organization criticized Boi Caprichoso's rivals and, as a reward, needleed Alane.

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On the festival stage, João Paulo Faria, master of boi-bumbá Garantido, attacked his rivals from the blue and white side, calling them “French Alanes”, in reference to the former BBB from Pará, locked up sister-in-law. Boranga's colleague Isabel, who was also participating in the event for the first time since leaving the reality show.

Afterwards, João Paulo Faria declared that the “French Alanis” lie and have empty agendas, in reference to Pará's Alan Dias. “On this exact date of dawn, we wrote what was probably the poetry that caused the most tears in the French Alain,” began the Garantido actor.

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“After all, the festival's factory of lies, yes, I'm talking about you, the lying Boy-Bomba Arts Council. You love to empty the agenda, you love to take it over,” he said. “There is even an article that got a 9.5 because of them. There is the founder's family, on the contrary, who were excluded because of them. The festival's lie factory, the doctors, and the professors of nonsense,” he said.

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Isabelle and Alan have not yet commented on the statement. The speeches were not well received by Internet users. Many have criticized Sid Boy Garantido's stance, stating that it creates a non-existent competition between Amazon and Barra.

“It is extremely ugly and unnecessary to encourage misogyny and competition among the people of the Amazon. Even more so when it comes to the same region that is excluded from the rest of Brazil. It is unfortunate!” an Instagram account wrote. Another netizen asked, “How ridiculous is what they did to Alan! The rivalry between the North! How can this be the case? They both represent the North so well, why is that?” Another said: “Why attack a participant from the North, and create unnecessary competition? The culture of Amazonas is too beautiful to be dominated by such unfortunate and unnecessary rhetoric.”

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