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Understand why Anita was banned from performing in the US – Entertainment

Understand why Anita was banned from performing in the US – Entertainment

Anita will try to reschedule shows canceled due to lack of visa
Leo Franco/Ag News

Anita was forced to cancel four shows she was going to perform in the United States in May, in the cities of Miami, Boston, New Jersey and Connecticut. When she went to obtain work visas to enter the country, the US Consulate in Rio de Janeiro rejected her application.

According to information from columnist Fabiola Raibert, from R7, the motivation behind the organization's position was an anonymous complaint accusing Anita of performing only on a tourist visa in the country in 2013.

When contacted, the singer's press office confirmed that visas had been denied, but said it was not aware of this anonymous complaint.

Renan Machado, the funk singer's brother and producer, explained that he also did not know if she had already performed on a tourist visa in the United States nearly two years ago. He commented that the company that took care of the singer's career at that time was K2L and that the artist did not have access to the bureaucratic part. When contacted, K2L has not yet taken a position.

Therefore, Renan says he cannot confirm whether this supposed offer of no work visa is what prompted the consulate to reject current applications.

The press office also confirms that the singer was not banned when trying to enter the foreign country and that she only encountered problems when she tried to obtain a visa at the consulate. The note also states that Anita can enter the United States for leisure whenever she wants. The singer's team will continue to try to resolve the funk singer's issue and reschedule the canceled shows as quickly as possible.

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Statement by Renan Machado

“I've already been denied visas, but this press information is new to me. At the time this show took place, in 2013, Anita was working in business, and these bureaucratic issues were all the responsibility of the company she represented.

I left everything in the hands of these actors. Anita has a visa that allows her to do everything she thought she would do until today. But we have no way of knowing whether what was reported to her at that time corresponded to reality.

Today my sister takes care of her career, and now we control everything that is done. I can guarantee that in all the shows we have performed in other countries since then (Japan, Portugal, Spain) Anita herself has requested that the entire team travel on work visas. And so it happened.”

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