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Daffy suspects Prova do Anjo and Beatrice gets the dynamics right

Daffy suspects Prova do Anjo and Beatrice gets the dynamics right

This week's Angel Audition will take place on BBB 24 this Saturday (23) and the brothers are already gearing up for the dynamics. Daffy was already skeptical about the test, while Beatrice ended up making an accurate guess about the angel's power, which would guarantee another week in the house for one of the participants.

this week, Angel will be autoimmune, but you will not be able to vaccinate another participant. This possibility was speculated between Davi and Beatrice, and during a conversation about Paredao's formation on Sunday (24), the sister stated that “the possibility that Anjou is just autoimmune is high.”

“There will be something there, Davey,” said the São Paulo native. “This is not normal,” said the São Paulo native. “This Prova do Anjo ballot box is ridiculous… That’s right, don’t you see,” Bahian said. “You have to think positive,” Bahian said. “No, no, you don’t understand, no. Since the beginning of the game, this jar…” Daffy continued, uncomfortable.

The application driver has been installed In the goal of leader GiovannaAnd so is Alan. One of them will be nominated by the state of Minas Gerais and will go directly to Baredão, without the possibility of participating in the Pate e Volta test, which Saved David from the hot seat last week.

What will the Paredao formation look like?

after Leader Giovanna nominates one of the brothers “in the line of fire”The House of Representatives votes. The two people with the most votes will go to Baredao, both have the right to counter-coup and will be able to nominate two more people in the spotlight. Of the four, only three participants participate in the Patti e Volta test.

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This is where the Coringa force brought by Matthews comes into play. It will be up to the brother to decide who will object to the test that frees one participant from the hot seat which this week will be decided by four pairs.

Paredao's result will be decided on Tuesday (25), as is usually the case. Check the Dynamics of the week here.

With information from Patricia Marquez

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