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Trump’s plan to affect Brazilian immigrants in the US

Trump’s plan to affect Brazilian immigrants in the US

Former US President Donald Trump A new mass deportation plan he plans to implement if he wins the November election and is returned to the presidency, detailed in Time on Tuesday the 30th. White House. After avoiding controversial topics like Abortion and an apology to those involved in the invasion CapitalHe hoisted the anti-immigration flag and, as usual, accused illegal arrivals of being criminals or institutionalized in their home countries.

“I don’t believe it’s sustainable for a country, what we’re having, probably 15 million and maybe even 20 million. [de imigrantes] When Biden leaves. Twenty million people, many of them in prisons, many of them in prisons, many of them in mental institutions. I mean, you see what’s happening in Venezuela and other countries. They are becoming more secure,” he told TIME.

In total, Republicans plan to remove 11 million immigrants from the U.S. — including more than 200,000 illegal Brazilians in 2021, according to a Pew Research survey released late last year. The yellow-green improvement represents a 54% increase compared to 2016 data, the research added. They make up about 2% of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and will be targeted by Trump.

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Trump’s plan

To get them out, the US candidate is “willing to build immigration detention centers and send US troops to the border and at home,” the Time report said. He also said he plans to resume actions from his former mandate, including the Mexico program and Title 42, which were revoked by Biden in May 2023.

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First, non-Mexican, Spanish-speaking citizens must be sent to Mexico while awaiting asylum hearings—in 2020, the NGO Human Rights Watch said, “Children and their parents expose asylum seekers to the risks of aggression, ill-treatment and trauma while awaiting hearings on their cases. Second.” , allowing immigrants to be deported before filing an application.The measure was implemented to contain the health emergency amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The former president explained that he was counting on the support of the National Guard to arrest illegal immigrants and that if these agents were unable to do so, “he would use [outras partes do] Army”. He was asked if the hunt was against the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which prohibits the use of force against citizens. Trump countered that the people in question were “not civilians” because they were “not in the country legally”.

“We’ll use local law enforcement. And we’ll definitely start with the criminals who are coming in. And they’re coming in numbers we’ve never seen before. And we have a new type of crime. It’s called immigrant crime. Yeah, wow, you see it all the time,” he added. said.

Trump also criticized President Joe Biden. Democrats “don’t want to build a wall [na fronteira com o México] Already built and constructed, hundreds of miles of additional work could have been laid over a three-week period. He then promised to “finish” the job, arguing that “when you build, you’ll find you need it” and that “walls work”.