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Lula's government announces a billion dollar investment in the port of Santos

Lula's government announces a billion dollar investment in the port of Santos

On Monday, November 11, the federal government will announce an ambitious investment plan for 10.64 billion Brazilian reals To Santos port, valid for a period 2024 to 2028.

The funding combines federal, state and private resources, with a focus on building an underground tunnel between the two countries Santos and GuarujaWhich you will receive approx 5.8 billion Brazilian reals Of the total.

The plan he made Ministry of Ports and Airports with Santos Port Authority (APS)includes 12 strategic projects. Provides division of investments 6 billion Brazilian reals from the federal government, 3.6 billion Brazilian reals from the government of São Paulo that it One billion Brazilian reals from the private sector.

Silvio Costa FilhoThe Minister of Ports highlighted the volume of investments as the largest ever planned for the port, by contrast 71.78 million Brazilian reals allocated by the federal government in the last session (2019-2023). Federal resources will come from The general budget of the Federation and the Algerian News Agencywhich currently has approx 2.8 billion Brazilian reals Inbox.

The underground tunnel, the cost of which will be shared between the federal and state governments, is just one of the projects.

Another highlight is the relocation of the passenger terminal to the airport area. Valongoa project that is already underway and has been budgeted 1.4 billion Brazilian realswith the aim of transformation Santos is a tourist center.

Expand on Santos Inland Railway (FIPS)With an investment of 1 billion Brazilian realsdeepening the port's channel 16 metresincluded in the budget 324.1 million Brazilian reals, are other key points in the plan. The latter is intended to prepare the port for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) 20 years with the aim of reaching depth 17 metres The investment is estimated at up to 6 billion Brazilian reals.

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In addition to investments in port infrastructure, the São Paulo government has committed to contributing 600 million Brazilian reals It operates on the perimeter of the port on the left bank located in the municipality Guaruja. Beyond the port, the plan also includes Expansion of Guaruja AirportThe first phase of works is scheduled to be completed this year At a cost of about 20 million Brazilian reals.