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Students can apply for a FAPDF Science Award

Students can apply for a FAPDF Science Award

Registration continues until July 31 and prizes reach R$157,000

The Federal District Research Support Foundation (FAPDF) is accepting applications for the third FAPDF Prize for Science, Technology and Innovation (CTI), which in this edition will invest a total of R$ 157 thousand in prizes. During the ceremony scheduled for November, Volume 3 of Scientific Dialogue MagazineWhich brings together 50 projects promoted by the Foundation in the past year.

The FAPDF CTI Award encourages and recognizes researchers, public servants and high school students from the Federal District and the Integrated Development Region of the Federal District and Surroundings (Ride) who have distinguished themselves in creating research projects and works with great potential for the scientific, technological and innovative development of the DF and surrounding areas. It is an initiative that also encourages and rewards communications professionals who publish projects and actions related to scientific and technological research in the media in the region.

FAPDF’s initiatives are in line with the Federal District Government’s guidelines for transforming Brasilia into a smart city. We actively cooperate in this field, investing in research projects that advance the social and economic development of Brazilian society. The FAPDF award is a great example of work that directly benefits the people of DF and the surrounding area”, highlights the Director and President of FAPDF, Marco Antonio Costa Junior.

The FAPDF CTI Award has eight categories; Visit the links below to learn more about each:

Distinguished researcher
Innovative researcher
The distinguished student
Innovative startup
Communications professional
Government Technology Initiative
Distinguished server
Scientific and Technological Start-up Scholarship with FAPDF Scholarship

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Registration for the award is open until July 31. To access the full notice, click here.

*With information from FAPDF