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UK begins detaining migrants deported to Rwanda

UK begins detaining migrants deported to Rwanda

The United Kingdom began making arrests this Wednesday (1st). Illegal immigrants are asylum seekers What to send? Rwanda in the next 9 to 11 weeks. The action takes place a week later The British Parliament passed the controversial Extradition Act This is the main immigration policy of the current Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.

Announced two years ago during Boris Johnson's government, the deportation scheme aims to send migrants who come to the UK illegally to the African country, where asylum applications will be considered. The British government's idea was to ban travel English channel.

More than 7,500 migrants have arrived in the UK in small boats from France this year, and the UK Home Office says the policy will prevent people from making the dangerous journey.

The deportation program is very much there It has been criticized by humanitarian groups, including the UN, and opposition parliamentarians. They say there is danger Immigrant Protection, Rwanda is not considered a “safe country”. Furthermore, authorities are likely to force migrants to return to their home countries – the places they fled – risking re-persecution of the groups.

Arrest of illegal immigrants seeking asylum in UK | Background/Ex

Rwanda will receive from the British Government 370 million pounds sterling (about R$2.3 billion) to accommodate migrants over five years. All will be transported by commercial aircraft, which are already chartered by the British government.

Pictures released by Britain's Home Office on Wednesday (1st) showed one man being loaded into a van by immigration officials and another being led out of a home in handcuffs. According to the ministry, these are the first arrests, with “further operations to be carried out in the coming weeks”.

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To receive the migrants, the ministry increased its detention capacity to over 2,200 places.

The expectation is that humanitarian groups will try to block migrants from being referred to the Supreme Court, as they have done in the past. In November, the British High Court declared the Tories' plan illegal.