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Have you become a social network?  ChatGPT gains memory to remember your identity

Have you become a social network? ChatGPT gains memory to remember your identity

In the world of social networking, we discuss the “network effect,” a phenomenon in which a platform increases in value the more people use it. Facebook, Instagram and X are very difficult to replace because the value lies in the ecosystem of connections between people and the content they host.

It is possible that something similar will happen in the world of artificial intelligence. It is the “personalization effect”. People will become dependent on AI customizations that they will be too lazy to use — or move to — other chatbot platforms.

OpenAI is moving to enable more and more customizations through memory functions and custom GPTs. Google is also looking to strengthen the ecosystem around Gemini. This week, the Mountain View company introduced its AI integration with several YouTube extensions, Google Flights, and more.

AI personalization is the next big movement we should watch in the short term. This type of innovation brings improvements in model performance and user experience. But there are points of interest that we need to discuss.

Privacy is one of them. Although OpenAI has implemented control mechanisms so that people can erase their memories, the company explains in its announcement that it will be able to use them to train upcoming models.

The diminishing reality of pluralism is another source of concern. If the algorithm that collects “feeds” on social networks is a sensitive mechanism for shaping the bubbles that shape people’s perception, what can we say about personalized AI that can, in the extreme, only respond to what people want to read and read? He listens?

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