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Trump promises mass deportation of illegal immigrants from the United States

Trump promises mass deportation of illegal immigrants from the United States

Former US President and former candidate for the presidential elections in November, Donald Trump, pledged on Wednesday (the first) to carry out the “largest deportation operation” of illegal immigrants in the country’s history if he returns to the White House. .

“Allowing millions and millions of people, many of them very bad people, to cross the southern border is not sustainable. They will destroy the country. We will do the largest deportation in history. We have no choice,” Trump said during a campaign rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The former US president once again accused his election opponent, current President Joe Biden, of implementing an open border policy over the past four years, which resulted in an “invasion” of illegal immigrants.

Trump made these statements one day after publishing an interview with the magazine a team In it, he said he planned to send the army to search for and detain illegal immigrants if he won the election.

In the same interview, he did not rule out the possibility of building new detention camps for illegal immigrants, although he did not put it among his priorities, as his plan is to deport them quickly.

Once again, Trump, who won the election in 2016 after promising to build a wall on the border with Mexico, has placed the issue of immigration at the center of his election campaign, which has become one of the most troubling issues among voters.

The Republican politician took advantage of a break in his ongoing criminal trial in New York to campaign in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan, where he is actually tied with Biden in the opinion polls.

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The New York mogul had already visited them in April, and at that time, he also insisted on the immigration issue, accusing Biden of causing a “bloodbath at the border.”

The Biden administration has reversed Trump's policy of making it easier to remove illegal immigrants from the country and implemented humanitarian permit programs for people from several countries, while restricting asylum claims at the border. More than two million people were arrested last year alone for crossing the southern US border illegally. (with EFE agency)