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Seniors receive two gifts from INSS announced directly

Seniors receive two gifts from INSS announced directly

this week, INSS pensioners and pensioners (The National Social Security Institute) was surprised by two good news. It is related to the interest of stimulating the Brazilian economy, Giving seniors greater credit power.

elderly inss
Seniors receive two INSS gifts announced live (Photo: FDR)

Those who watched Brazilian TV news this week saw live news that benefited seniors Two new features from INSS. Both are related to Provide custom credit For this audience. Today, the largest target for loans with this feature is still seniors receiving Social Security benefits.

INSS announced news for seniors

It was approved by the CNPS (National Council for Social Security) at the end of February It came into effect from March 4 New interest rates for INSS payroll loans. Credit is contracted directly with banks, and now these institutions must respect a new collection limit.

1) Salary loan

  • Traditional salary loan with salary deduction: The ceiling was reduced from 1.76% per month to 1.72% per month.

2) Credit card

  • Credit Card and Payroll Card: The maximum interest rate ranges from 2.61% per month to 2.55% per month.

How to check the interest rate on payroll loans

Before hiring a INSS Payroll LoanInterested parties can check the interest rate charged online. Social Security issued this advisory specifically so seniors can find the right one Best credit option Among the available options.

  • Access the application or location From my INSS.
  • From the list of services provided, without the need to log in, choose “Shipping Fees”;
  • Filter your search by “Loan”;
  • And obtain the amounts charged by each institution authorized to provide this product.
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Remembering that The fees mentioned are ceilingThat is, banks can release amounts lower than this, but never higher.

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