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DET registration is mandatory for MEI from May onwards;  See how to register

DET registration is mandatory for MEI from May onwards; See how to register

Properly registering as an individual small business owner can bring many benefits to the self-employed. However, it is necessary to adhere to certain requirements to ensure registration as an MEI is maintained. Next month, a An important change will come into effect for small business owners.

DET registration is mandatory for MEI from May onwards; See how to register. (Photo: Franklin Roosevelt)

The update is part of the system update that will be Implemented by the federal governmentto. From now on, everything SMEs must be registered in the Domicile of Electronic Business (DET).. Registration is mandatory, and if it is not completed, a fine ranging between R$ 208.09 and R$ 2,080.91 may be imposed.

  • DET is an official communication channel of the Federal Government.
  • It was created to facilitate the exchange of information between tax audits and companies;
  • This is expected to streamline operations and reduce operational costs;
  • The economy will bring significant savings to Lula's government;
  • In addition to MEIs, employers that are part of eSocial must also register;
  • By registering, the small business owner will receive some benefits;
  • Among them are the exemption from the necessity of publishing correspondence in the Official Gazette of the Union (DOU);
  • Registration must be done through the Taxpayer Services Portal, e-CAC;
  • It is available to access In this link;
  • After entering, MEI should look for the “Request Membership” option;
  • To confirm, you will need to follow the on-screen instructions;
  • It is worth noting that staying organized as an MEI guarantees many benefits to small business owners;
  • Among them, the retirement guarantee by the National Institute of Social Security (INSS);
  • Another important benefit is the guarantee of sickness or maternity benefit;
  • To do this, according to FDR specialist, Laura Alvarenga, it is necessary to make regular contributions to the body.
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