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Daffy wins new award at BBB 24 in memory game;  Look how it was

Daffy wins new award at BBB 24 in memory game; Look how it was

Luck is on Davey's side in this final stretch of BBB 24. The brothers took part in a memory game on Saturday night (13) and Bahian performed well, securing another prize on the programme.

Tadeo Schmidt seemed to be talking about dynamism. They participate in Globoplay. Whoever wins wins R$10,000 and ten years of Globoplay!

The game is a memory game containing several titles from the Globoplay catalogue. Whoever gets it right five times will win the prize.

Look how it was

In the first round, all the brothers managed to score a point. After that, Matthews went ahead and got two more points in one go, leading the match.

Returning to the role of the gaucho, he was given another chance and was one last guess away from winning the award. However, he made a mistake and passed the role.

Alan and Isabelle managed to score another point. Then Matthews made a mistake and gave his opponents the opportunity to get closer. Davey scored three more straight points, tying the game with the Gauchos. In the end, he kicked and hit another shot, winning the match and securing R$10,000 and ten years of Globoplay.

Check the schedule

  • April 14, Sunday: Cancellation and voting begins;
  • April 16, Tuesday: Grand Final.

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