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Fernanda Paes Lemi accepts the departure of Bruno Gagliaso;  Understands

Fernanda Paes Lemi accepts the departure of Bruno Gagliaso; Understands


Fernanda Paes Lemi accepts the departure of Bruno Gagliaso

This Saturday (13), Bruno Gagliaso celebrates his 42nd birthday, and Fernanda Paes Lemi took advantage of this special date to make a statement to her friend. The actress admitted in the text that the two are separated.

Moreover, the actress revealed that she doesn't know why her best friend broke up.

“I was thinking my daughter might be born today… She's moving around a lot… And I'm calm now, lying on the sofa with my feet up… Deep down, I'm hoping she'll hold on.” Besides being my son's birthday, it's also Bruno's day, and the 13th is his birthday! We have already celebrated this day in many places…” she began on Instagram Stories.

Afterwards, Paes Lemi announced that he had not met the artist for a while. “He loves this number, and even though I don't even remember when was the last time I met him, that we really talked (not too fast here), that we were very close, and looked into each other's eyes. We have a lot.” For history and I wanted this day to continue with him!”

Then she commented on the rumors of a quarrel with Giovanna Eubank's husband. “No, no one fought, but there was a breakup and maybe one day I'll know why…or I won't know either. And this is from the heart, that's okay.”

Finally, Fernanda wished Galeaso a happy birthday. “Bruno, I hope you continue to achieve your dreams, to do what really makes you shine, and to be this unique and unpredictable man… I am still here, cheering for your achievements, loving your children whom I miss very much and wishing you a lot. Congratulations and good health,” he concluded. Success to you and your beautiful family.

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