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What is the ideal running time to lose belly fat?

What is the ideal running time to lose belly fat?


A nutritionist explains ways to exercise with a focus on weight loss

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Published on 03/05/2024 at 19:45


There are many reasons to love running, making it an accessible and versatile sport.

It can be practiced by people of all ages in different environments, from neighborhoods and roads to highways and parks.

However, despite its popularity among those seeking to lose weight, doubts are raised about its effectiveness Eliminate belly fat.

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What is the ideal running time to lose weight?

The question of how many minutes of running are needed to lose belly fat is addressed by physical trainer Bruno Sabo in an exclusive interview with Sport Life.

He highlights that exercise is a valuable aid in the weight loss process, but emphasizes that its effect is enhanced when combined with an appropriate diet.

The time allotted for running varies depending on the intensity of training, individual characteristics and your availability.

According to WHO recommendations, 150 to 300 minutes of moderate exercise per week is ideal, but even two weekly sessions can provide significant health benefits.

It is important to be aware of your goals when running.

More difficult terrain requires more effort during training, and it is important to respect your fitness limits to avoid giving up.

Bruno Sabo warns that when starting this practice after a period of a sedentary lifestyle, it is common for people to overdo their efforts, which can lead to frustration and stopping the exercise.

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Bruno suggests starting on flat ground with a gradual increase in speed, and stresses the importance of continuing the exercise and changing course.

He highlights that the time needed to achieve results, such as reducing belly fat, varies according to several factors, such as exercise intensity, diet, environment, and individual characteristics.

In addition to running, Bruno recommends combining this practice with a balanced diet and weight training.

Nutrition is crucial to fat loss and changing body composition, while weight training contributes to increased lean mass, reduced fat percentage, and increased caloric expenditure.

This combination not only enhances results, but also reduces the risk of injuries, allowing for more consistent and safer progress in the pursuit of fitness and aesthetic goals.

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