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BBB Poll 24: Alan, Isabelle, or Matthews

BBB Poll 24: Alan, Isabelle, or Matthews

Alain, Isabelle or Matthews will be the last to be removed. (Image: Clone, Globo)

The 21st wall of BBB 24 was formed shortly after Davey won the final leader race, which started on Thursday (12). Hey brother He stayed in the endurance test for the longest time, becoming the first finalist in the edition and putting Alain, Isabelle or Matheus on the last wall. With BBB Turbo, which accelerated the stages in the final phase of the program, training took place on Friday night (12). The twenty-first and final wall will be removed on Sunday (14). Continue reading to vote in the poll for who you want to exclude;

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BBB 24 Wall Survey 21st

In the vote to choose who will leave, the participant with the most votes in this 21st wall of BBB 24 will be eliminated.

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How the BBB's 21st Wall Was Formed 24

The formation of the final wall began shortly after David's victory as leader was confirmed. Lead was identified after a stress test that lasted just over 10 hours. David also got a car. Now, three participants will go to Baredao to decide who will go to the final with Bahian.

The competition started on Thursday night, and Alan, Davey, Isabelle and Matthews had to hug each other in a column on a rotating platform, holding a disc. If they do not hold the spine with either hand or if they let go of the disc, they will be eliminated. Matthews was the first to leave the race at around 2am. He felt sick while spinning and was removed from his place by the puppets. The brother regretted giving up.

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Then, nearly seven hours into the competition, Isabelle also became ill and needed support upon departure. Finally, it was Alan who gave in, giving the lead to Davey.

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How to vote on BBB 24

In the first six walls, the realistic vote went to staying at home. Thus, the participant who received the lowest votes for that week was eliminated. However, now he will be a participant Most votes Who says goodbye to home?

Another change is that there are two types of votes: public vote and individual vote. The propeller model is the “mutirões” model com. gshow, with no voting limit. One voice, as its name suggests, is unique. To do this, you must register on the Globo website and submit your CPF.

The voting result is a weighted average of the two voting models, taking into account a weight of 50% in each method. I wasn't sure how to work, click here See an example of calculating a mixed voting system.

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Disapproval rating for those excluded from BBB 24

In the first six walls of BBB 24, it was voting for who you wanted to stay in the house. From the seventh, the vote became on the judiciary. Check below the order of rejection of those excluded from this edition by each voting stage.

He refused to vote to remain

  1. Luigi: By 7.29%. He was the sixth eliminated from BBB 24;
  2. Bezan: By 7.66%. He was the third person to be eliminated from BBB 24;
  3. What is: by 8.46%. He was the first to be eliminated from BBB 24;
  4. Vinicius: by 9.92%. He was the fifth person eliminated from BBB 24;
  5. System: By 17.14%. He was the fourth eliminated from BBB 24;
  6. Thalita: By 22.71%. She was the second one eliminated from BBB 24.
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He refused to vote on the abolition

  1. Lady Ellen: By 88.33%. She was the fourteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  2. Raquel: By 87.14%. She was the thirteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  3. Marcos Vinicius: By 84.86%. He was the eighth eliminated from BBB 24;
  4. Beatrice: By 82.61%. It was the 20th eliminated from BBB 24;
  5. Beetle: By 82%. She was the sixteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  6. Yasmine: By 80.76%. She was the twelfth eliminated from BBB 24;
  7. MC Bin Laden: By 80.34%. He was the seventeenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  8. Rodriginho: By 78.23%. He was the tenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  9. Giovanna: By 75.35%. She was the 18th eliminated from BBB 24;
  10. Michelle: By 70.33%. He was the eleventh eliminated from BBB 24;
  11. Lucas Henrique: By 64.69%. He was the nineteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  12. Juninho: By 60.35%. He was the seventh eliminated from BBB 24;
  13. Fernanda: By 57.09%. She was the fifteenth eliminated from BBB 24;
  14. Denizian: By 52.02%. She was the ninth eliminated from BBB 24.

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