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Video: GWM Poer PHEV is the 408 hp pickup truck that will be a national and flexible hybrid |  Videos

Video: GWM Poer PHEV is the 408 hp pickup truck that will be a national and flexible hybrid | Videos

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GWM Poer has been promising its services to Brazil for some time, but it should It will not actually arrive until 2025, to compete with the Toyota Hilux and its partners. The mid-size pickup truck crowd is used to all-wheel-drive and diesel-engined models, but in this case it’s a hybrid (with external recharging) and will be flexible on fuel economy here. Motorsport He went to China to drive the pickup truck.

The manufacturer’s initial plan was to produce Poer in Erasimapolis (SP) in May this year. However, due to new taxes on imported hybrid and electric cars, plans changed and the launch took place It will be the last quarter of 2025as reported directly by Autoesporte.

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When it gets here, we can say one thing: Poer will have a completely different look. The platform will remain the same We met at the GWM proving ground in Baoding, a city close to the Chinese capital, Beijing.

In terms of engine, the GWM Poer PHEV will come with Plug-in hybrid flex Which is produced in Asia 408 hp that it 76.5 kilograms per minute of torque. But, unlike the H6, which focuses on urban use of electric autonomy without consuming fuel, the minivan’s PHEV system will favor a combination of the use of electric motors and combustion engines, Their combined range ranges from 800 km to 1000 km.

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Are you curious about this and everything we already know? Just press play

GWM Poer PHEV Hi4-T – Technical card

engine 2.0 Front longitudinal, 4-cylinder in-line, 16-valve turbo, direct injection, Miller cycle, gasoline + dual electric motor
energy (combustion) 101 hp (ethanol) / 98 hp (gasoline) at 5200 rpm
Combined strength 408 hp
combined torque 76.5 kilograms per minute
exchange Automatic, 9 gears, 4WD with differential lock and reducer; 0 to 100 km/h: Not available
direction electricity
comment Double-A (front) and solid axle with coil springs (rear)
Brakes Ventilated discs (front and rear)
Tires and wheels 265/60 R18
Length 5.45 metres
Width (without mirrors) 1.99 m
to rise 1.90 m
Wheelbase 3.35 m
tank 70 litres
battery 37.1 kWh
consumption Uninformed
recharge Uninformed
Bucket Uninformed
Weight 2,270 kg

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