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Vai na Fé: Kate and Rafa fight over Clara |  Come to me about – come

Vai na Fé: Kate and Rafa fight over Clara | Come to me about – come

Spoiler alert 6/19 – Kate and Rafa are fighting over Clara

Kate and Rafa fight again in Phi Na Fe – Photo: Globo

In Icaes, the university in the TV series at 7 o’clock, Rafa is startled after a conversation with Jennifer (Bela Campos). The sister will tell the boy that she is the daughter of the abuse Theo (Emilio Dantas) committed against his mother in the past. Upon learning of this, Kate will try to console Rafa.

You ask “Can I sit here?”

He replies: “Whatever.”

Rafa has a serious conversation with Jennifer and feels bad at Vai na Fé – Image: Globo

Then Kate enters the topic to find out how Rafa understood the discovery.

“Jenny told me about the conversation she had with you. He must not have been easy to overhear.”

“I know my dad isn’t a nice guy. I met Jennifer’s mom, and I think she has no reason to lie. But I also believe in my mom. And she thinks my dad is innocent,” Rafa replies.

Kate won’t back down and Clara “bad pity” for Rafa.

“Your mother only sees what interests her. Has she been married to Theo for 20 years and hasn’t seen anything before? And she thinks the same, right?”

Rafa will not like it and will confront Kate and defend her mother.

“L. You now want to set me against my mother? Then you, the girl who broke my heart.”

Rafa will defend Clara against Kate in Phi Na Fe – Photo: Globo

Is there still hope for these two young men? Don’t miss the next chapters of the TV series at 7!

Rafa is unhappy that his relationship with Kate has ended