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Belgian psychoanalyst launches books at Casa da Arvour in Joao Pessoa

Photo: Ascom

Belgian psychoanalyst Henri Crutzen launches next Thursday, November 3, at 7 pm, at the Casa da Arvour Clinic (Hidelbrando Tourinho, 100, Miramar), in Joao Pessoa, the second edition of “Towards a new definition of clinical space”, in addition to two works Others wrote during the pandemic:

Relational Psychoanalysis and Relational Psychoanalysis, Neurosciences and Developmental Psychology.

Relational psychoanalysis, based in Brazil for more than two decades, constitutes a set of alternative theories and ideas to classic psychoanalytic ideas, which have been discussed since the 1980s, particularly in the United States.

Conceived in collaboration with several authors, there are many theoretical currents, ranging from the analytical psychology of the self to the exchange self.

Despite all this diversity, there is a common idea: Relationships with others are the basic building blocks of mental life.

The headlines issued by the psychoanalyst reflect his studies and knowledge gleaned in the field, including during his clinic practice, where he claimed to glimpse the patient’s subjective experience, always entirely unique.

With an introduction by psychoanalyst Christian Doncker (Professor at the University of São Paulo), “Towards a new definition of clinical space”, according to the author, addresses the transformations that psychoanalysis has undergone over the years.

Besides chairs and sofas, clinical meetings, supervision and analysis reveal many other changes.

Currently, according to Henri Crutzen, there is greater interest in the social dimension of psychoanalysis, after years of confinement within the scope of counseling rooms.

There is also a need to engage with other areas of knowledge and knowledge, such as philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, sociology, and phenomenology.

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About the author:

Henri Crutzen – Born in Charleroi, Belgium. He holds a BA in Psychology and Educational Sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium |).

In his homeland, he worked as a mental health specialist in several institutions. Since 2006, he lives in Joao Pessoa, where he works as a psychoanalyst.