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Anatel publishes stricter rules for abusive calls, bans companies that make short conference calls |  Economy

Anatel publishes stricter rules for abusive calls, bans companies that make short conference calls | Economy

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) published on Friday (26) a set of strict rules regarding abusive calls made in excess. The new rule goes into effect on June 1.

Unsolicited telemarketing calls were made without the 0303 prefix, which is mandatory under Anatel rules in place since last year – Photo: Reproduction/Bom Dia Brasil

Using this standard, Anatel increases the duration of what are considered short calls to up to six seconds. Currently, calls up to three seconds in length are defined as short.

Calls that were not completed, sent to voicemail or hung up within six seconds also fall into this call profile – either by the person who made the call or by the person who received it.

“With this new standard of up to six seconds, measures against spam calls are now in place,” announced Chancellor Cristiana Cammarati.

In other words, companies that:

  • Make more than 100,000 short calls (up to six seconds) per day; that it
  • More than 85% of calls made fall into this profile.

According to Camatate, the standard also improves monitoring by Anatel. “Once monitoring is improved, Anatel already makes it clear that it can, ex officio, order the blocking of any company that does not comply in any way with the rules. [medida] “Precautionary.”

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On Thursday (25), Anatel Board of Directors Defining the technical scope to develop a system that allows telephone numbers to be validated by CPF.

According to Chancellor Artur Coimbra, The system will allow billing companies to query the database of operators to check whether the number they intend to call belongs to the debtor's CPF.

He said: “It has become very clear that the main reason for this large number of calls by remote collection companies is due to a very poor, unreliable and ineffective database of phone numbers linked to debtors' data.”

Coimbra says so This feature can reduce billing calls from 43 calls to seven or eight.

He explained, “The data provided by the remote collection sector today shows that in order to reach the debtor, and in order to talk to the debtor, it is necessary to make about 43 calls, and on the 44th day you can talk to the debtor.”

The agency also approved a proposal to expand the use of the 0303 prefix in phone calls. This measure will be subject to public consultation.

Today, only calls offering products and services must use the prefix. but Anatel intends to expand the commitment to include calls for donations, groups and other activities that use calls extensively.

According to Anatel's supervisor, Vinicius Karam, 2,918 companies use 0303. This number is expected to rise as the activities that must adopt the prefix expand.