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Cleo Loyola, Luciano Camargo's ex-wife, has been arrested for alleged physical assault of a motorbike courier: 'Sit on the motorbike'

Cleo Loyola, Luciano Camargo’s ex-wife, has been arrested for alleged physical assault of a motorbike courier: ‘Sit on the motorbike’

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Cleo Loyola is known on social media for the acidic comments made by her ex-family

Cleo was going to be hit by Motoboy
© Play / Instagram / @cleoloyolayoutuberCleo was going to be hit by Motoboy

Cleo Loyola She is the ex-wife Luciano Camargo The girl is known primarily for the pin-prick of the old family. On several occasions, the comedian alluded to this Zelo Godoy, Graciel Lacerda even self Vanessa Camargo. On Friday (28), the influencer got involved in another mess.

On social media, Cleo appeared with black eyes and said it all started after a little runner came to her house to deliver an order. It turns out that Loyola He did not submit any request and confirmed to the professional that he did not submit Connecting. An affair with the delivery man broke out and things turned into a physical assault, in which the woman’s husband was involved.

Guys, I’ve been away from social media because of this. I got arrested, I’m 48 and I’ve never been arrested and I’ll tell you all my details Prison YouTuber said. “I called police Because he wanted to run away when we got the owner Pizza resturant I wanted to take it. I sat on the bike because I wanted to wait for the police‘, she said.

cleo She explained that she was plagued by orders arriving at her home, but it was not her home. But it never managed to solve the problem. “I told you it wasn’t me. Seeing that it wasn’t me, you wanted to make a deal with me so you wouldn’t have to go region And I didn’t, because I wanted to bring charges against you. because you are so much violentThe influencer said.

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