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The website says that TikTok will cease operations in the US rather than be sold

The website says that TikTok will cease operations in the US rather than be sold

A Byte Dance wants to suspend TikTok's operations in the US rather than sell themSources interviewed by Reuters. Social networking activity in the country represents only a small portion of the company's revenue, so it would be more advantageous to abandon the region than give the platform to a North American company.

It's not the site that makes the sale so impossible, but the The algorithm in it. Code that manages content delivery is one of Byte Dance's core products. Also available in other company services. Selling TikTok also means getting rid of this algorithm.

According to sources asked Reuters, the service interruption in the US will have a limited impact on ByteDance's revenue. Currently, TikTok has more than 170 million users in the country, 7 million of whom have ventures or businesses that are promoted and maintained with the help of the platform.

The US has passed a law banning TikTok

Last Wednesday (24), US President Joe Biden signed a bill banning TikTok in the country. In general, the law prevents a company of Chinese origin, such as Byte Dance, from maintaining a digital platform operating in the region.

Byte Dance will divest TikTok's operations in the US rather than sell them to a company in that country. (Image: Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

First, the The bill was attached to a financial aid package for US allies. The legislation has been reviewed in the House of Representatives and Senate, but Joe Biden has already signaled his agreement with the article earlier this year.

Bite Dance doesn't want to sell TikTok

A Reuters Tried contacting ByteDance, But the company refused to comment on the rumours. However, yesterday (25), the company used its official profile on Toutiao, one of its social networks It also issued a statement denying its intention to sell TikTok. The post refuted the site's article Information The possibility of selling the platform is mentioned.

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TikTok CEO Show Zi Chew hopes the company will block the new law with a legal dispute. to TechmundoA company spokesperson noted that “the law is unconstitutional and may be challenged in court.”

The administrator also created an official profile of the platform on TikTok to take a stand against the project.