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Iran fights Deborah who steps in her pipe

Iran fights Deborah who steps in her pipe

The end of Rancho was delayed due to heavy rain infarm 2022″ (RecordTV) Upon their departure, Iran and Deborah exchanged barbs.

Deborah came up with the idea to bring something from Rancho to the headquarters, and Iran was alarmed at the prospect of violating the rules. Iran argued: “D*ck, Deborah, damn it!” The actor told Alex, “She has definitely never attended drama classes in her life, she has no discipline.” Alex agreed: “Absolutely not. I’m driven by the rules.”

Pele noticed his friend’s annoyance: “Iran was angry.” You can’t, Deborah! “He said, imitating a pawn. Deborah, who was hanging out with the three from the farm, climbed into the cow’s pipe. Then he stomped on the body,” Iran said. I did well! Well done, go crazy! Look at the nonsense you’ve done.”

Deborah replied, “You’re laughing, but that’s a bad situation. But you want to make money.” Iran said, “What the hell?

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