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The news excites (and rejuvenates) São Paulo’s nightlife

Amphitheater at Complexo Tempo, in Mocha. Photo: Advertising / Complexo Tempo

São Paulo night is filled with news. After difficult years of pandemic and social isolation, many people are out again to meet friends, dance and socialize. As a result, new parties and clubs appeared in São Paulo. And one such cool new feature is Komplexo Tempo. Located in Mooca, the space is remarkable for its size: over 12 square metres, which can currently accommodate over 4,000 people. “We have transformed the industrialized district of Mooca, with its warehouses and even a train station, into one of the largest entertainment venues in the city,” says businessman Klaus Bien, founder of Komplex.

Since its opening in April, the complex has hosted several events and its proprietary project Teia, intended for the LGBTQIA+ public. More than 10 famous international DJs have performed in Tempo, as well as 30 national artists, according to the international artistic coordinator responsible for the programme, Mauricio Ortiz. Names such as Aron Abikzer (Israel), Fabio Luigi (UK), Tomer Maizner (Israel), Oscar Velasquez (Mexico), Alex Lo (Mexico), Ben Bakson (Germany), and Rásil (Chile) have promoted House tribal nights in the house which is open to the public on Saturdays and some Fridays.

Ortiz, who lives in London and works with major brands in Europe’s LGBTQIA+ scene, such as WE Party, Matinée, Circuit Festival and Beyond London, among others, comments.

Mauricio Ortiz, International Technical Curator. Photo: Disclosure

In the same sense, Klaus, who has been in the entertainment business for 37 years, says the Komplex Tempo project is unlike anything he’s done so far. Work on the design began during the pandemic, just when events came to a halt. “I thought if I went back to the night, it would be to create a higher quality project, enhance an experience, where people can really connect,” he says. “Complexo Tempo is, in fact, a creative economy and entertainment complex. It will host not only night projects, but a variety of day projects, and will also host events dedicated to a corporate audience. This is our core: protecting and promoting diversity.”

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News. In the coming months, Komplexo Tempo will expand its internal structure and will house Teia Klub. The project attracted thousands of people during the latest edition of the São Paulo LGBTQIA + Parade, in June, and will now operate in the new space every Saturday, starting in September. “The public will get the quality of our services in a more comfortable space,” Ortiz explains. “Other warehouses will open for big events, such as festivals and special dates,” he adds.

A new party (this time, during the day) should attract the audience to Komplexo Tempo in the coming months. With the fun name of Projeto [email protected], the suggestion is to open the doors for pet owners and their pets on a Saturday afternoon. “I love animals, I have 20 dogs, 10 cats, and 2 cows,” says Klaus. “During the pandemic, I realized that humans cannot change without someone’s help. The best character that a human can change is an animal, to love it without regard to whom.”

Klaus Bien, founder of Tempo, and Scooby, one of his pets. Photo: personal archive

The production of the new project will be very different from Friday and Saturday nights. The music will be turned off so as not to disturb the animals who will be the real stars of the party. “There will be a DJ playing, yes, but it will be light music, depending on the environment, so as not to bother me,” Klaus adds. “It’s a change of behaviour. I want to offer a safe place, where pet parents can enjoy their pets safely and with the full support of a qualified team.” Special menus will be prepared for the occasion, with barbecue, paella, among other options. The idea is to start in the afternoon and continue into the night and finish before the main night programming begins.

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“In addition to our already well-known lounges, we will have tables and chairs, in addition to serving bottled beer,” the businessman reveals. “When I say jerk, I’m not talking about race, I’m talking about animals, human values. We want to save this in Tempo,” he concludes. Party promises.