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BBB24: Michel makes accurate accusation against MC Bin Laden in 'Sincerão', netizens conduct video VAR;  He watches

BBB24: Michel makes accurate accusation against MC Bin Laden in 'Sincerão', netizens conduct video VAR; He watches

MC Bin Laden and Michelle had another clash on “BBB 24”. In “Sencerao”, Monday night (26), the educational professional stated that the funk singer called him “Professor Zinho”, during a previous fight. The singer then labeled his brother a “liar,” but decided to talk about the accusation. Users on social media recalled the moment of confrontation, and found that the artist did not use the word that the teacher mentioned.

Participants had to choose three people for “Sincerão”, in order to put them in positions: “Protect”, “Contempt”, and “Out of the Game”. Michel, in turn, chose to keep Ben out of the game. “There was some confusion between me and Ben, and he just wanted to scream, and at that moment, he was just screaming, and he said something that I think goes beyond the game and it affected me a lot. That's when he called me “Little Master.”“, he claimed.

If you were a doctor or engineer, would you have the same position? So, I think that was kind of my needle and narrowing down my career, from 8 to 9 years where I was a teacher there“, continued the teacher. The singer did not like what he heard and called his competitor a “bastard” and a “liar.” He watches:

Shortly after the dynamic, the singer spoke to Michelle and defended himself against the accusations. “You can call me whatever you want in the game“The teacher commented.”I called you a history teacher“Ben said.”No, geography“, said the teacher. The singer added: “History teacher because you invent history. I would never disparage your profession, because there are people I would never do that to. “And when you say that, you're putting me at risk of being canceled right there, because I didn't say that.”

The funk player continued:It has been registered. So much so as to say I called you “Little Master”? I didn't call you, I called you a history teacher for a reason, because you make history. When I learned of the things said about me by you, I felt very upset. I wasn't upset, I was angry“. The teacher asked: “what kind?Ben pointed out the fact that he didn't know Davey was sick and that Lucas Henrique wouldn't put his brother up against the wall. look:

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The funk singer also spoke about what happened with Giovanna. “It was good to dot the t's, and it was also good to not be involved in since. Because, sometimes, that way… She explained: There were a lot of things said in my name that weren't true […] Whom I called a history teacher, called him a “little teacher,” to belittle his profession, I would never do that. There were situations like making up stories. I called him a “history teacher” and not a “little teacher.” And other matters that need to be resolved“, He said.

I think you said that, Professor“, commented the sister. Ben insisted that he did not say the word, and made it clear that if he did, it was not with the aim of belittling Michelle's career. “You were on time, Ben. But the word was spoken. I'm saying I was and listened“, confirmed the miner. “But it was not with that intention, and if it is said that it was not with that intention. This is what you have to be careful of, the context is complete, not isolated. When you isolate, you take an isolated discourse and build on top of it what you want, do you understand? This is what you have to be careful to do“, justified the artist. He watches:

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But Internet users were keen to retrieve a video clip of the moment of the quarrel between the participants, and they found that MC Bin Laden did not use the word that Michel mentioned in “Sencerao.” paying off: