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Rock band Thunder releases new album “Dopamine”

Written by Marie-Louise Jomochian

LONDON (Reuters), April 29 – Following the success of last year’s All The Right Noises, British rock band Thunder are back with a new album inspired by the general isolation they felt during the Covid-19 pandemic and people’s addiction to social networks. .

Guitarist and songwriter Luke Morley told Reuters that “Dopamine” is the hard rock band’s 14th album released on Friday, featuring 16 songs during the closing period.

“Most of it was conceived and written during the pandemic, so there are a lot of things about isolation and the more positive aspects, self-analysis,” Morley said in a joint interview with Thunder Frontan player Danny Bowes.

“The other topic…is about social media and people’s addiction and the dose of dopamine they get from holding the phone and saying, ‘Oh my God, I’m beautiful today or whatever.'”

The recording features a mix of sounds – blues, catchy guitar riff, sax solo, accordion and gospel choir.

The single “The Western Sky” nodded to Bowes and Morley’s annual motorcycle ride, while the song No Smoke Without Fire was inspired by the practice of “online trolling,” where verbal attacks performed in virtual environments are commonly called.

‘Across the Nation’ is told through the eyes of a band eager to perform live once again, something Thunder will soon resume with a five-date UK tour starting May 21 in Glasgow. They will also play many European festivals in the summer in the northern hemisphere.

Thunder, who graduated in 1989, is best known for songs like “Dirty Love” https://entretenimento.r7.com/, “Low Life in High Places” and “A Better Man”.

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(by Marie-Louise Jomochian)