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Glenda Kozlowski comments on leaving Globo: I wanted freedom

Glenda Kozlowski shared a chat with Flávio Ricco and Dani Bavoroso on All Programs. The always honest journalist has opened up about her reasons for leaving Globo in 2019.

In case you don’t remember, at the time, Glinda was at the helm of the Esporte Espetacular.

Everything has a beginning, middle and end. Sports taught me that you have to stop before you get tired. There she presented reality shows, carnival, reports, special coverage, covered a wide range of sporting events, presented TV news, and much more. I thought: What else would I do? I knew I had to leave, because he didn’t challenge me to anything anymore. […] I wasn’t sure where I was going, but one thing was for sure: I wanted freedom.

His last job at the network was covering the Pan American Games. About that moment, she explains:

– I had already warned that I was leaving, but I could not let them down. And I still get the gift of celebrating Brazilian Day, a Brazilian festival that takes place in New York, USA.

Soon after leaving Globo, Glenda was soon cast for another job, a reality sports show. The journalist even started recording, but everything was halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pilot is ready and registered. It was named live on SBT, with my face. But my contract was not with SBT, my contract was with this producer who was producing the reality show. We were going to be limited to the players and the technical staff. But how do we do that in the middle of a pandemic?